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Supernatural Notice Board

Stories, recs, and news for the Supernatural fan

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The Supernatural Notice Board is for the sharing of Supernatural stories, Supernatural story recs, and sharing Supernatural news.

Please use the subject line to mark whether your post is a rec, a story, news, etc., post.

Please cut tag long posts.

Please do not upload whole stories, but provide links.

Please do not be annoying. The management reserves the right to step in and freeze flame wars and all that other junk that makes online interaction so tedious sometimes. Play nice here, or don't play at all, etc., etc., etc.

This is a centralized place for Supernatural's livejournal fandom, but it is not a discussion group. If you are looking for general Supernatural discussion, please head over to supernatural_tv, where there is lots. There is also supernatu_icons, which is icons-only.

The moderator of the community is lalejandra, and questions can be directed to her through this post.

This community is, of course, based on all the other really successful noticeboard communities, like ds_noticeboard and sv_noticeboard and sga_noticeboard, etc.

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